Hello and welcome to DebSakal.com.  I’m here to help you grow your business, quickly and easily and to have fun in the process!

I’ve been in the management and marketing space for over 30 years and my experience is varied, with marketing, consultancy, sales and senior account management being the mainstay of my career, mixed in with general senior management, writing and coaching, along with eCommerce and retail.

About Deb Sakal

I love connecting with people and finding out what your businesses and companies are all about. For me, my client consults are all about adding as much value as I can, and enabling you to get the results you want.

My expertise is in growing sales and profits and zeroing in on what is genuinely important to you and your business.

One of my special focuses is on helping you to find that ONE thing, amongst the myriad of goals and dreams and tasks you have on a daily basis. When you know what that is, how you spend your day becomes highly targeted, and taking daily step-by-step action is easy, when you know where you’re headed.

I enjoy building long-term business relationships and am passionate about doing a good job, by working smart and having fun along the way.

If you have any questions or want to book one of my consults, please click here to book yours.  Or send me an email at deb@debsakal.com or contact me here.