One Thing Focus Consult

Want results fast?  This is a high-level 1-hour Consult, which is strategically designed to deliver a high-value session, with a targeted focus to leave you with invaluable insights and actionable takeaways, regardless of where your business is right now.

One Thing Focus Consult Product

What Do I Get?

This Consult goes right back to business basics.  It’s all about helping you to find that ONE thing, amongst the myriad of goals and dreams and tasks you have on a daily basis.  When you know what that is, how you spend your day becomes highly targeted, and taking daily step-by-step action is easy, when you know where you’re headed.

What are your business goals right now?  Do you want to increase sales, increase your profits and reduce your costs, perhaps it’s to grow and scale the company to the next level, or maybe even get the company ready for exit/sale.

During this Consult, we ask questions such as:
* What really matters to you?  
* What gets you out of bed, excited for the day?
* Why are you in business?
* Are you still loving working in your business?
* What is your ultimate goal with your business?  
* How much income do you want to be earning each month?

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So, why the “One Thing”?  It’s to help you zero in on what really matters to you.  This way, you know what tasks and projects are most important to work on each day, and safely ignore the rest.  

We are all too busy and spend time on urgent things, rather than the important things.  We are busy rather than effective!

This Consult helps you to create fast change, by making room for what you want and eliminating the tolerations. This way you avoid procrastination and overwhelm.  Instead, you create new space, and say no to what no longer serves you!

You will walk away with a comprehensive roadmap for your business and can start taking action right away.

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How is it Delivered?

Depending on your location and preference, your Consult will be delivered either face to face or via Zoom.

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